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Jenn and Juice's Journal

19 February
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La-Dee-Da. I'm a bartender born and raised in GA. I drive a Mercury, but I'm hoping that maybe one day I'll wake up and there will be a Trans Am in its place.

I also run a community where I dish out sex advice.

Jenn's Cast of Characters (just so you'll know who I'm talking about when you read my shit)
Mama, Ma, Mom, Mother: All these terms I use when I talk about the woman who gave me life
Rick: Stepdad
Jester: My best friend and "brother"
J-Man: My other "brother"
Rose, Shari, or Suzi: My roommates
Jenny: One of my good girlie friends
Christopher: My brother
Marla: My sister-in-law
RyAnne or RyRy: My baby niece
Aunt Patsy: My favorite crazy aunt!
Howie: My kid cousin
Alice or Aunt Biz: My mother's best friend (or my "second mother")
Steve: Alice's husband
Fox: Ex-bf
Kelly: Old good friend
Skye: Former teacher

My best friend is djricerocket69.

Go me.

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Date Created:3-15-04
Number of Posts: 230

Tristessa is the lovable girl next door/dominatrix/socialite. A self-described American Bridget Jones, she constantly displays awkwardness, corniness, and clumsiness, and still has her admiring comrades at her side egging her on.
Strengths: Understanding, compassionate, friendly, and overall sweet.
Weaknesses: Sensitive, messy, cheesy, clumsy, says stupid things, shy, proud.
Special Skills: Seduction, the stamina to karaoke into the wee hours of the morning, jumping off of things, writing daily specials on restaurant display boards.
Weapons: Seductive eye, bullwhips, squirrely wrath.
Hates: Cliques, rudeness, hypocracy, clowns, eggs, Fords, man-whores, homophobes, bad music, RP nerds, mean people.

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